DONKEY FUN FACT Donkeys aren’t always grey. They can also be brown, white or black
PINTO STALLION FUN FACT “Pinto” is Spanish, meaning “painted”
PINTO MARE FUN FACT From a distance, the pattern on the Pintos’ coat seems to merge with the landscape.

PINTO FOAL FUN FACT While greys always have black skin, pintos always have pink skin beneath their white coat.
HEREFORD COW FUN FACT Hereford cows give birth to their first calf at the age of two to three.
TEXAS LONGHORN CALF FUN FACT The horns of a Texas Longhorn start to grow at the age of three weeks

SHEEP FUN FACT Sheep’s wool takes 6 to 12 months to fully regrow after shearing.
LAMB FUN FACT Lambs are suckled for three months. After that, they eat grass and herbs.
GOAT FUN FACT Goats cannot perceive the color blue. For them the sky is always grey.

GOAT KID FUN FACT Newly born domestic goat kids are able to stand immediately and to follow their mother.
ROOSTER FUN FACT If the comb has a strong red color, this indicates that the cock is healthy.
HEN FUN FACT Chickens use their feet to scrape the floor in the search for grains, worms and insects.

DACHSHUND FUN FACT Dachshunds are very short. Their shoulder height is only about 35 cm.

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