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Celebrating Our 3-Year Anniversary!

Greenhouse is open May 1st- June 1st

We're More than Just a Feed Store

NEW - Online Shopping Opportunity with Hardware Hank.
Click on the button below to shop over 48,000 items for home, garden, personal, vehicle and more. This link will connect with your local store, The Western Feed Corral and your dollars will be kept local.

We're a lot, more than just a feed store

Are You Running Low on Feed for Your Livestock?

When looking for a quality feed program for your pets or livestock, make us your Go To store

When you're running low on cat food, livestock supplies, or chicken feed, you need to plan a trip to The Western Feed Corral. The Western Feed Corral carries all the livestock feed and pet supplies you'll need. You'll get a knowledgeable and caring staff that will give you one-on-one attention when you walk through the doors.

Support a local business

When you choose to shop with us, you'll be supporting a local business that cares. Locals choose us because we:

  • Are a full Purina dealer with a wide range of products
  • Support local 4-H and FFA clubs in the community
  • Offer drive-thru pickup services
  • Are family-oriented
  • Have something for everyone

If you want to know more about the supplies we have in stock or our pickup services, call us at 406-732-3333 today. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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