We Are An Official Arrowquip dealer

The Western Feed Corral is your official dealer for Arrowquip Cattle Handling Equipment in Central Montana. OUR PROMISE TO RANCHERS. Ranchers work hard, day in and day out no matter the weather or circumstance. They think about their livestock and family first, and themselves last. Combined with the responsibility of working to feed the world, it's easy for their own needs to get pushed aside. With so many lives depending on ranchers, we decided enough is enough and have made ranchers' safety our top priority.

With Arrowquip, your safety is guaranteed, or your money back.

In the cattle management industry, a blind eye has been turned to ranchers' safety for far too long. We understand working with cattle is dangerous, and it's easy for incidents to happen. If you get injured working cattle with your Arrowquip equipment, we will give you a full refund and you will get to keep your equipment. No questions asked. We've got your back.

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Burn whatever needs to be cleaned up and rid of with a burn barrel from The Western Feed Corral. They are great for the ranch or farm when you need to burn off garbage, waste of any sort, twine and net wrap from your hay/straw and even your household garbage.

Four sizes to choose from
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